Core Story Marketing Template

Create A Concept That Appeals To The Entire Buyers Pyramid And Gets Them Interested Enough To Want to “Learn More”:  (Example: Tony Robbins: Click Here to see the 6 human needs.) “People will move faster to get out of pain vs gain a benefit”   2.  Gather Market Data      

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Create A Core Story To Maximize SEO Efforts

Intro: Where does this concept come from? Chet Holmes authored a book called The Ultimate Sales Machine. This presents some core principal of how a cor story can help you appeal to a much larger audience. Most businesses advertise in a very simplistic way. Here is my product, here are the beneifits and fetures of it.…

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Hidden Facebook Filter May Be Causing Missed Messages


  Ever missed an email from a customer due to your spam filter? Well, today we discovered a facebook filter that me be causing you to miss messages from customers. Facebook has been filtering out messages they think you may not want to see. Unfortunately, they’ve done this in a way that may cause businesses…

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