Hidden Facebook Filter May Be Causing Missed Messages


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Ever missed an email from a customer due to your spam filter? Well, today we discovered a facebook filter that me be causing you to miss messages from customers. Facebook has been filtering out messages they think you may not want to see. Unfortunately, they’ve done this in a way that may cause businesses to lose leads from users that aren’t personal contacts or fans of pages.

Here’s how you can check to see if you’ve missed messages:

Go to your personal or business page inbox on Facebook.com

On desktop it will look like this:


Next: Click See Filtered Requests:

Click see filtered requests

SURPISE, SURPRISE! A ton of missed messages, some from friends and family and some from potential customers!?

Dozens of missed messages due to Facebook filter

I bit the bullet and turned off all spam folder in Gmail a long time ago after noticing important emails being filtered out. However, I’m sure there are a lot of people out there that had no idea facebook was filtering out messages before even reaching the ‘message request’ folder. Lesson learned.

If you run facebook ads, make sure you check this filter regularly¬†in case potential customers are attempting to contact you via direct message and hitting this filter. We’ve gone ahead and contacted all of our SEO marketing clients and let them know.




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